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Chapter 2: Contemporary Issues in Women’s, Family’s and Children’s Health Care
1. The clinic nurse is working with a mother and her 3 year-old child who have arrived for the child’s routine check up. The nurse encourages the mother to return for her child’s measles-mumps-rubella immunization prior to entering school. This intervention is an example of:
A) Primary health prevention
B) Secondary health prevention
C) Tertiary health prevention
D) Mandatory health care

2. The clinic nurse currently has a culturally diverse population of approximately 25%. If the clinic clientele follows current population trends, in the year 2050 this diversity will be:
A) 35%
B) 50%
C) 60%
D) 70%

3. The perinatal nurse tells the student nurse that Asian infants may develop hyperbilirubinemia in the immediate postpartum period. As a form of prevention, the perinatal nurse encourages all women of Asian descent to provide their infants with formula supplementation. This approach is a form of:
A) Racism
B) Stereotyping
C) Cultural sensitivity
D) Individual care planning

4. Sarah and her 12-year-old daughter, Megan, visit the clinic often because of Megan’s asthma. The clinic nurse knows that one of the most important nursing roles is to:
A) Listen patiently to Megan as she talks about her illness
B) Regulate and modify Megan’s medications in response to her asthma symptoms
C) Give Sarah time to talk about Megan’s illness while Megan is present
D) Continue to schedule regular clinic visits for Megan

5. The clinic nurse is aware of family diversity and the number of woman-led families in the United States. Currently the number of families where a woman is the head of household is approximately:
A) 40%
B) 50%
C) 60%
D) 70%

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